Devacurl Review: Are You Ready to Rock Your Curls?

The age old question, what do I do with my crazy, frizzy, thick, and curly hair? I have asked this so many times! I tried a new product every few months, always hoping it was the key to beautiful hair. Every time, it seemed like something just wasn’t quite working.

I settled with a damaging routine because that is the only way I could tame my wild mane. Even though I knew that what I was doing wasn’t really working, I gave up on finding something new.


I thought that anyway, until I was 27 and I realized just how damaged my, already dry, hair was becoming. I knew I had to keep looking for something that nourished my hair. I decided to dedicate some time to figuring out what me hair really needed.

I poured through article after article on curly hair, I read everything I could get my  hands on and that’s when I discovered that the paraben and sulfate in my shampoo and harsh chemicals in my hair spray were not only damaging my hair, but they were keeping my curls from reaching their curly potential! No bueno.

I also learned some tricks to tame frizz and build curls that had nothing to do with products! But after all that, I still couldn’t find a shampoo and conditioner that was really improving the condition of my hair, until…….

2015, I won my hometown’s “Mother’s Day Queen for a day Giveaway”. I got free laundry service, a car detail, gift cards, and a trip to the local day spa! I’ll never forget it. I was thrilled! I had never won anything before in my life.

That is, also, the first time I heard of Devacurl. The owner of the day spa, who is a wonderful person btw, has beautiful, dark, curly hair. As she was introducing us to all the products they carry, she gave careful detail in telling us about the Devacurl line.

It’s sulfate and paraben free and specially formulated to give curly hair everything it needs to thrive! She said she swore by it and I was sold. I’ve been using the routine below for two years now and I am finally happy with my curls, so I want to share with you what I’ve learned after a  15 year struggle to embrace my natural hair!

I’ve decided to write this review as a routine that anyone could follow and go through my method of styling my curls while reviewing each product I use along the way.

This post does include affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through one of the links I will receive a small percentage of the cost, at no extra charge to you, of course. I will not be compensated by the Devacurl company or receive anything for free from this review. This is my honest opinion on my experience with these products.


  1. Get a good hair cut
    • Probably the most difficult step!
    • There are actually Deva salons and I have been dying to go to one because, to date, I really have not found anyone who I just love to cut my hair.
    • At least ask if there are any stylist who specialize in curly hair in your area.
  2. Devacurl No-poo shampoo & One Condition conditioner
    • No poo means no foam. A lot of what makes a shampoo lather is really not good for your hair, so they removed those ingredients. Use sparingly, starting at roots, and rinsing down the length of the hair.
    • Add conditioner to length, then work into the roots.
    • REVIEW: After using this shampoo and conditioner ONE TIME my hair was just different than it had ever been before. My wild crazy curls fell in spirals and even before my hair dried I could tell that the condition was already improved. As someone who considers herself a frugal momma, spending more than $20 on a bottle of shampoo was not like me! But I knew after that first use that it would be worth every penny!
  3. Wide tooth comb while rinsing hair with cold water
    • I usually condition first, bathe, then rinse hair with cold water, so the conditioner has time to work it’s magic!
    • While I’m rinsing I use a wide tooth comb to get the tangles and conditioner out.
  4. Wrap hair in Devatowel or plain white t-shirt
    • Using an ordinary towel to get the excess water out will contribute to frizzy hair.
    • Stylists recommend using something with a smoother surface, like a microfiber towel or even a white t shirt, and avoid actually “ringing” your hair.
    • REVIEW: As a mom of soon-to-be three, everything in my life is about doing things the easy way. (without sacrificing quality, of course) Using the devatowel, I know that it will be right there in the bathroom where I left it, not stolen by my husband. I only wash my hair twice a week, so I just wash it with the weekly load of towels. Because it is smaller and I’m using the same item every time it did reduced my laundry some. All-in-all it really isn’t necessary, but I love it.
  5.  Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel
    • The thickness and length of your hair will determine how much of the product you need.
    • Separate your hair into three sections (two sides and one in the back) and work the gel from root to length in all three sections.
    • Then, switching all hair to one side focus on the length, switch to other side and repeat, then flip all your hair to the front, holding your head over, focus on working gel into the back of the head from roots to tip.
    • This is the method I use to ensure I have covered every strand with product.
    • REVIEW: This stuff is amazing! It defines every curl and smooths frizz without being stiff or crunchy. It still leaves plenty of room for bounce! There is a light defining gel and the arc angel define and control gel (which I am excited to try soon!) Choose depending on the amount of control you are looking for in your gel. This is the best product I have ever used to control my frizz and define my curls. Not to mention it’s non-damaging! LOVE.
  6. Top  with Devacurl light hold hairspray
    • Even though I could go without it, I like a little “crunch” in my hair. Also because I live in south GA and work in a restaurant, humidity is an issue I combat on the daily!
    • I use this light hairspray to keep the gel in place and hold on to any fly aways trying to escape its grasp.
    • REVIEW: Like I said, the gel is really light weigh, non sticky, and leaves your hair very bounce and natural, which is awesome, BUT if your hair is super frizzy like mine or if you live in south GA like I do then you may need something to keep that look intact through the day. This is the thing that you need. It really just keeps those curls intact and I can’t keep my frizz down without it. Also because it is in the devacurl line you know that this hairspray isn’t going to reverse all the benefits of the shampoo and conditioner!
  7. Wash hair no more than 2 times per week
    • Curly hair is naturally dry hair. Because of this you want to avoid stripping the natural oils in your scalp that nourish the strands.
    • The less you wash your hair the more healthy it will be, but we still want clean hair of course! So, once or twice a week should do the trick.
  8. On off days use Set it Free finishing spray to redefine your curls
    • So you want wear your hair styled five days a week but you can only wash it twice! What do you do?
    • Set it free spray was invented for second and third day curls.
    • Spray through hair and using a smoothing motion work into curls until smooth.
    • REVIEW: This stuff is hair style in a bottle. I love it! Even with all the previous preparation, you may wake up the next moring looking more like a lion than you like, if this happens, set if free is what you need! it is not greasy or sticky, but very moisturizing, and spraying it in your hair and finger combing through, you will be amazed at the difference. It’s like magic frizz away!
  9. Use a hot oil treatment once a month
    • Hot oil will nourish your hair and help define your natural curls.
    • The more moisture in your hair the less humidity will effect it and the tighter yours curls will be.
  10. Use build-up buster once a month
    • After a month of loading products into your hair what it really needs is a deep cleaning. That’s where the build-up booster comes in.
    • There is nothing like starting over on a fresh, clean surface to let your hairs natural beauty shine through.
    • REVIEW: I have not personally used this product, though I intend to, the same spa owner i referred to above told me that this product is crucial to keeping the lightweight bounce curls you get from your first couple months using Devacurl. It is a mi-cellular cleanser that removes all the excess gel and product without stripping any nutrients from your hair.


If you follow the routine I’ve given, then the look of your hair should improve, even with out the Devacurl. There are other (more affordable) paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioners you could use instead of Devacurl, however, and this is coming from a tight budgeting momma, some things are worth every penny! Either way, I hope the tips here will help you to be more comfortable with your natural hair! Embrace those sexy curls! No matter what you think they look like, there is a girl out there right now that would kill for them! Drop a photo of your locks in the comments below!!!


Honorable mentions:

  1. Devacurl blow dryer with Devafuser attachment
    • use on hair after gel is applied for even tighter curls
    • attachment fits any blow dryer
  2. No-poo quick cleanser
    • dry shampoo for the curly girl
  3. Devacurl styling cream
    • for softer, more natural feeling curls
    • I use this to calm frizz when I’m braiding my hair

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